George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff

George Ivanovitch Gurdjieffwas born in Caucasus – Alexandropol on 13th January 1872.

During the 1st World War he began to transmit his method going through the nearly vanished tsarist empire and moving to Moscow. In 1922 he went to Paris where he founded the "Institute for the harmonious development of man".

So he began a period of work devoted to take the message of Tradition to western man.

From that he began a work of spreading and training addressed to anybody who wanted to listen to it.

He got in touch with intellectual people, scientists as well as simple people from different European countries.

In 1924 he went to United States to found a branch of his Parisian Institute.

Then he came back to Europe and continued his work until the end of his life, which happened in Avon (Fontainebleau – Paris) on 29th October 1949.

At his death he left a lot of groups scattered in many European countries and outside Europe too.

Some texts which deal with different subjects concerning Man and his possible Reality assist practical teachings.

The group, which works in Turin (Italy),
originated from the will of Madame Henriette Lannes,
one of the last spiritual pupils of Gurdjieff.

The group took its first steps during the sixties shuttled between Turin and Lyon (France) where periodically met Madame Lannes who came from Paris and trained also others groups in London.

Now the “Centre for traditional study and inner training according to the method of G. Gurdjieff” in Turin goes on with its own work for those who feel a real need of inner research.

It doesn’t mix itself, nor it clashes with other groups which quoting Gurdjieff or others talk about the inner research of man.

The feature of this school is to hand on the original message of this teaching in order that it could be received by those which will be able beyond the words to understand Gurdjieff’s method in a practical way on themselves. This is the way to allow to the Tradition of Real Man to live during the times.

If you are interested to a direct contact send an e-mail to the address and you will be contacted.

Best regards.

The "Centre for traditional study and inner training according to the method of G. Gurdjieff".